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About Us

The TL;DR 🌟

The TL;DR 🌟

Hey there! Nice to meet ya. 👋

Founded by undergraduates-turned-Product Managers, Product Space is a nationwide student-led organization that cultivates tomorrow's product leaders by connecting top talent with educational resources and hands-on experience currently absent in universities. We've been down the rabbit holes of product management/marketing/design content online, and it's not fun — that's why we want to close the gap between talented students like you and the coolest roles in tech today.

How do we help you? 🤝

We close that gap through our flagship Fellowship program, which spans Winter and Spring quarter. The Fellowship is made up of 3 cohorts — Product Management, Product Marketing, and Product Design — with 5 students each, and the cohorts are headed up by 2 Leads with prior experience in the field.

In Winter, all 15 Fellows will go through weekly "product sense" workshops led by our Board. These workshops will teach you the basics of product and tech, from user research to usability testing to competitive analysis. We’ll be deep diving into the different specialties within product, and giving you a holistic education in product thinking. Equipped with that foundation, you'll launch into your Spring project and related curriculum. Here, your Leads will guide you through a product project that'll give you a unique ✨ hands-on experience ✨ to give you a deeper understanding of what a role in product entails, as well as the technical skillset and applications behind it.

Is there more to the Fellowship than just learning? 🌝

You bet. By becoming a Fellow, you immediately become part of a family of students all interested in tech and product. Our community has gone off to do amazing things — including working at places like Google, Salesforce, Facebook, and beyond — and you instantly have access to awesome people who are ready to help. We're also kickstarting a mentorship program this year, through which each Fellow will be paired with a PS Board member or Lead for 1:1 career advice.

That said, we're not all about recruiting and tech. We'll have deep talks about the impact of social media to the best foods spots in LA to the latest Among Us strategies 👀 . As a Fellow, you'll find yourself immersed in a group of people who are incredibly smart, talented, and ambitious but also don't take themselves too seriously. We have a ton of fun along the way.







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